Products available

·         Huge selection of ready made Bonsai
·         Large range of indigenous Bonsai
·         Forests,  group and rock plantings
·         Large selection of  starter trees
·         Bonsai pots – imported and local
·         Drip trays (Suiban)
·         Mesh to cover drainage holes in pots
·         Bonsai soil – special mix evolved over 40 years
·         Variety of gravels
·         Moss (seasonal)
·         Bonsai tools
·         Wire – various thicknesses
·         Turntables for ease of working on your trees
·         Large selection of rocks
·         Labels
·         Bonsai manual written by us – widely used and acclaimed
·         Fertilizers and pesticides
·         Superthrive and growth stimulants
·         Spray bottles
·         Ornaments
·         Penjing
Corporate gifts

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