5 June 2021

Pre-bonsai or starters available at Bishopsford

Bishopsford Bonsai pre-bonsai
Bishopsford Bonsai pre-bonsaiBishopsford Bonsai pre-bonsai

It's time to start preparing for the Spring potting season.  Buy your pre-bonsai/starter trees now so that you can ponder on your designs. Bishopsford stock about 65 species of pre-bonsai or starter bonsai trees that are suitable for bonsai. View the list of the species currently in stock here:


Bishopsford Bonsai pre-bonsaiBishopsford Bonsai pre-bonsai

Bishopsford Bonsai pre-bonsaiBishopsford Bonsai pre-bonsai

1 June 2021

Bonsai Things to do in Cape Town - June 2020

What to do in June 2020 

June is the start of a very busy period for bonsai, with many time sensitive activities:

·      Clean and disinfect your benches.

·      Remove dead leaves from pots and under benches as they encourage re-infestation of Summer’s pests, put down bait for slugs and snails.

·      Check that drainage holes are clear and that your pot is draining properly if not angle it on a wooden block making sure it is secure, and then correct the problem in Spring.

·      Spray Lime Sulphur twice, at weekly intervals, 35ml per 1litre, cover unglazed pots I don’t spray my evergreens as some people do, because I don’t like the awful colouring the lime sulphur tends to leave on the trees. I prefer to use Rosecare, Seizer + Eco Oil, Koinor or Plant Care.

·      If you develop Black Algae on your soil surface Copper Oxychloride WP works well without killing the moss.

·      Don’t let moss get anywhere near acacia, pine or cork bark elm trunks.

·      Time to shoot select and needle pluck multi flush pines and embark on a feeding program to build them up before candle pruning in December. Adelgids and mites seem very prevalent. I use the chemicals mentioned above in point 4.

·      Time to reassess the design of your deciduous bonsai, transition your branches from thick too thin to give you better taper, remove unnecessary growth, wire carefully.

·      Dead head azaleas (once the flowers have died remove them).

·      Check watering, Bonsai are extremely sensitive to drought and cold.

·      Potting time is soon here so gather all you may need and prepare your soil mixture.

1 May 2021

Bonsai Things to do in Cape Town - May


Mean Rainfall mm
Rel.  Humidity %
Daily Sun­shine Hrs
Temp. Max Celcius
Temp. Min Celcius

Some showers and cooler weather are on the way. Some bonsai may have to be moved into sunnier spots or shade cloth may have to be removed.
As usual watering needs to be watched, especially if the weather is cool and overcast but no rain has actually fallen.
This is the last opportunity for feeding as with lower temperatures and shorter days plants do not take up much in the way of nutrients.
Many pests are going into hibernation but snails and slugs are active.
Do not prune deciduous plants as stimulating growth is undesirable in winter, plants need a rest period.
Too late for autumn potting and too early for deciduous trees.
A balmy month as a rule and the last chance to mix soil in reasonably dry conditions. Mosses are starting to appear remember to leave small pieces when collecting so that regeneration takes place. 

27 April 2021

Public Holiday trading hours

We are open on the Freedom day public holiday, 27 April 2021 and Workers day holiday, 1 May 2021. Please pop in to visit us.