1 June 2020

Bonsai Things to do in Cape Town - June


Mean Rainfall mm
Rel.  Humidity %
Daily Sun­shine Hrs
Temp. Max Celcius
Temp. Min Celcius

The daily sunshine hours are short and trees may have to be moved to sunnier spots. In some cases shade cloth has to be removed to allow for more light. It may be necessary to tie some trees down because of the strong north-west winds which blow now.
The weather is often overcast and cool, everything seems to be damp. Bonsai pots with fast draining soils may dry out so be aware that it may be necessary to water. Check drainage holes in pots for blockages, trees drown quickly.
Most trees especially deciduous ones do not require feeding this month. Some trees native to the winter rainfall region have a strong growing period after the commencement of winter rains and benefit from light balanced feeds. 
Snails and slugs are the main invaders and cause damage - use the necessary bait. Spray deciduous trees with diluted lime-sulphur to kill off spores and eggs of insects and fungi which hatch when warmer weather arrives.
Winter pruning of deciduous trees starts now – first with Celtis then Elms, Maples and Swamp Cypress. It is generally better to prune after leaf-drop. Another indoor activity is wood carving and cleaning up jins and shari. Do not for­get to treat carved areas with pure lime-sulphur.
Later in the month potting of early deciduous trees may be started. Start with Celtis, Elms, Swamp Cypress. Leave Maple and Acacias for next month. 
This is a cold and wet month, a good time to curl up next to the fire reading bonsai books and getting enthused for spring. Also a good time to service, clean and sharpen tools. A pleasant task is to choose pots for trees which need potting or for re-potting. It is a good idea to write down jobs to be done.
There are some bonsai in flower, such as Kurume azaleas. Enjoy them but remove spent flowers.

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