15 August 2011

Winter is a busy time for Bonsai enthusiasts

 The winter solstice was on the 21st June and was the shortest day of the year, after this the days get longer and sap slowly starts to rise in many trees in preparation for spring.

DECIDUOUS TREES are the ones that lose their leaves in winter. These include Swamp Cypress (Taxodium), Chinese Hackberry and White Stinkwood (Celtis), Maples (Acer), Elms (Ulmus), Indigenous thorns (Acacia), Coral tree (Erythryna), Wild Tamarind Alibzia. Winter pruning has been done and it is the correct time to pot all the above trees in the next few weeks. You will need to have on hand; soil, pots, mesh to cover holes in pots, rocks if you want to try a “root over rock”, saikei or penjing. Moss and gravel as ground cover is essential for well dressed bonsai. We have a wide range of starters both young and mature collected material.


An important aspect of bonsai is in the “doing”. Designing, shaping, wiring and working on a tree is constructive and relaxing even if only one branch is finished at a time. Although the tree is never complete enjoy the journey towards achieving a beautiful tree. The nurturing of bonsai is in itself a satisfying and creative activity.

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Happy “potting” of the bonsai variety!

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